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If the goods are damaged or the package is lost, we will compensate you in full.

About Sea-Air Shipping

For orders over $600USD, you can select Sea-Air Shipping at checkout.(only applies to shipping addresses in the U.S.)

Benefits you get for orders transported by Sea-Air Shipping:

We will offer extra shipping rebates for orders transported by Sea-Air Shipping.

Current shipping rebates:

  • Package weight 0-10kg - None.
  • Package weight 10-30kg - $4 USD/kg.
  • Package weight 30-60kg - $6 USD/kg.
  • Package weight 60-100kg - $8 USD/kg.
  • Package weight over 100kg - $10 USD/kg.

For example: your package total weight 50kg, and you will get 50x6=$300USD shipping rebates.the cost of your goods per kilogram will be reduced by $4-10 USD via Sea-Air Shipping.

Shipping rebates will be returned using the payment method that was originally used(paypal or credit card) within 7 days.

Sea freight is more cost-effective for heavier items, while lighter packages (less than 10kg) are better suited for air shipping.To calculate shipping refunds, you can estimate the weight yourself or contact us to calculate the weight,The shipping refund is based on the actual weight after packaging.

About Sea-Air Shipping(30-45days):

  • Sea-Air Shipping offers the benefit of low-cost ocean transport with high-speed air transport. This method of transportation is the ideal match between overall cost savings and reasonable shipping times.
  • For example:we ships its cargo via sea to the shipment hub of Los Angeles (15-30day). From LAX, the cargo is flown to its final destination in Kansas City (1-3days).Then shipped to you via UPS ground (2-6days).Usually the goods will be delivered in about 30 days.
  • Note: Because of the longer cycle time for shipping goods by ocean freight, this is not a recommended mode of transport if time is critical, or if you have a specific deadline for delivery. Ocean containers may be stuck at port for weeks, and transportation to and from the port can sometimes be delayed.It may take up to 60 days to receive the goods.